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Tradeforus Forestry Ltd. was established in January 2021 as a joint venture between Tradeforus Ltd. and EuroForest Ireland Ltd.


Tradeforus have successfully launched an on-line trading platform that is trusted by both Farmers and purchasers to deliver efficiency, transparency and value to a range of Agri related sectors. Euroforest Ireland and its associated company Forestry Services Ltd., have significant expertise on all aspects of Forest management from site preparation through to planting, harvesting, replanting, licensing applications and ecological reports. Together their combined expertise will deliver real value for all stakeholders in the Forestry Sector.


Tradeforus Forestry will provide an on-line trading platform that enables the sale of Timber, Land suitable for forestry, existing forestry, and other forestry sales options such as harvesting rights and Carbon offsets. Tradeforus Forestry will provide an end-to-end solution for Forest owners, from planting and forest management through to facilitating sales, harvesting and transport to maximise return to Forest owners, and enable the mobilisation of timber to the wood processing industry.


Auction Platform
connecting Sellers & Buyers


"End to end"
Forestry Services provider

With the formation of Tradeforus Forestry we are addressing many of the needs of the Private Forestry Sector by developing an innovative online trading platform for Timber, land suitable for Forestry, existing forestry and other Forestry related Sales & service offerings.


We believe that a transparent competitive auction model for freehold, timber and other Forestry related sales will;

  • Bring more properties to the market
  • Deliver increased timber mobilisation & better pricing
  • Provide greater governance throughout the transaction
  • Enhance vendor confidence & trust

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